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Published Aug. 28, 2005

Sure, school is already back in session (although hurricanes keep interrupting). But that doesn't mean back-to-school shopping has to end. Tommy Hilfiger wants to give students a chance to be the coolest kid in school. The School's On Sweepstakes will give one lucky winner $1,000 worth of Tommy fashions, and 30 first-prize winners will walk away with a pair Tommy Hilfiger shoes. It's easy to enter. Go to kids/whatsfun/contest.jsp and submit your name, your e-mail address and your parents' e-mail address. The contest is open to kids ages 7-12, so let your parents know you are entering. But get on the stick: The contest ends Oct. 8. A winner will be chosen later that month.

No candy or soft drinks sold here

In the ever-expanding sales market, Reebok has announced a new high-tech way to get your sneakers. Forget online shopping. And traditional shoe stores are a thing of the past. That's because Reebok will make three styles (and multiple colors) of its sneakers available for purchase from, yes, vending machines. All you do is swipe your credit card, select the color and size you desire, and voila, out pops a new pair of sneaks! It may not be as refreshing as a soft drink, but the shoe vending machine begs the question: What's next in the sales world? The first Reebok vending machines will be available at Shoe Biz in San Francisco and Michael K's in New York. If successful, expect the idea to spread.


Marvel Comics will unveil a superhero to join the ranks of the Amazing Fantasy heroes. Anya Corazon is a half-Mexican, half-Puerto Rican teenager who has climbing capabilities like Spider-Man and sports sneakers, white T-shirt and a face mask. Anya's adventures will take place in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her superhero name has not been announced. We suggest something alliterative, such as Anya la Aventurera (Anya the Adventurous!).

Xpress quote

"I think if he had never met my mom, there's no way he could have been as successful as he is just because she is so stable and so supportive and so giving. . . . They just have a pretty unconditional love."

_ First daughter Jenna Bush, talking on Good Morning America about the secret to her presidential father's success, first lady Laura Bush

_ BRIAN ORLOFF, Times correspondent and Times wires