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Defensive end Greg Spires on allowing only 10 points but giving up one big play:

"I think the defense as a whole did a good job keeping them off the board. They have a good offense, and they have weapons over there. Sometimes, it happens, and one play can hurt you."

Linebacker Shelton Quarles on containing running back Shaun Alexander:

"We can play defense pretty well, and I think last week we just let one run break out on us. So going into the game, we knew we were playing against a good running back, and it's just a product of our defense playing well."

Defensive end Simeon Rice on what lies ahead:

"We're just going to keep pounding away defensively and play together as a team. Hopefully, this thing will get turned around."

Rice on the quarterback change:

"I like energy. Whatever works for us, let's ride with it. I'm all for scoring points and doing big things."

Cornerback Ronde Barber on the defense:

"We have a lot of good players on defense that have been around a long time and know the scheme. The West Coast offense came in here and tried to run us out, but that's what this defense is catered to stop."

Coach Jon Gruden on the team's overall performance:

"I'm very proud. They competed very hard. I'm very disappointed, obviously, in the outcome. Offensively right now, we can't find our identity. We made a quarterback change to give our football team a lift. I thought (Chris Simms) did some good things in the game."

Simms on what Johnson said to him:

"Brad is always very encouraging. He told me to go in there and be calm. Brad has always been a great help to me. He and (third-string quarterback) Brian Griese have really talked to me a lot."


Tackle Walter Jones on if Seattle had an off day or the Bucs defense is that good:

"That is a great defense. To come out with a win is great, but you have to give credit where credit is due. They gave us 10 points and didn't give us anything after that. The defense held up."

Jones on the last Bucs drive, propelled by three Seahawks penalties:

"It was crazy, but you can look at it and say it was all on (the offense). We didn't get the job done in the end. If we had gotten that first down (on the previous series), it probably would have ended the game. We didn't, and we put it on the defense. And they came through."

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on Shaun Alexander playing despite a knee injury:

"I think this is obviously a statement. The guys who have been hurt have just sucked it up to play. You really respect a guy that came to the training room all week. He was hurt and not able to practice and comes down and gives it everything he's got on Sunday. You admire that kind of courage and toughness."

Hasselbeck on coach Mike Holmgren taking responsibility for the lack of offense:

"I think every game, no matter what the outcome, each person has to look at themselves and say what they could have done differently to help during the game. He might be doing that, but we as players have to do that individually."

Defensive end Grant Wistrom on Simms:

"He did a really good job. He just needs more experience. He had trouble at times reading our blitzes. He held onto the ball a little too long. Young players make mistakes. With time, he is going to be a pretty good quarterback."

Wistrom on the Bucs offensive line:

"They have a solid offensive line. They did a good job picking up some of our blitzes that we had success with last week."