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Published Aug. 28, 2005

"They used to look at them as pets they had to protect, cuddle and hug and love. And now, all of a sudden, they're looking at them with chain saws in their hands."

_ Sharon Keene, a board member of the Riverside Heights Civic Association, on some homeowners' changing attitudes toward their beloved neighborhood trees in the wake of recent storms.

"That place, if it could write a book, many of us would have to move."

_ Former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco on Malio's Steak House, which for more than 35 years hosted power brokers, politicos and celebrities. Malio's attorney recently asked the city to rezone the property so an office building and bank can be built in its place.

"I pretty much cried throughout the whole thing."

_ Kathryn Harrington, a 52-year-old special education teacher from Laurel, Md., who found herself detained, facing a possible $10,000 fine, criminal charges and trouble with Homeland Security, after she tried to take a leather bookmark with lead weights in it onto an airplane at Tampa International Airport.