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A barrel of oil yields a lot more than gasoline

I know there are 42 gallons of crude oil in a barrel. How many gallons of gasoline can be made from a barrel?

Because of reduction in density of many crude oil components during processing _ known as "processing gain" _ 42 gallons of crude oil yields 44.2 gallons of finished refinery products, of which gasoline amounts to 19.5 gallons.

The remainder, in gallons: distillate fuel oil, including home heating oil and diesel fuel, 9.2; kerosene-type jet fuel, 4.1; residual fuel oil (heavy oils used as fuels in industry, marine transportation and for electric-power generation), 2.3; liquefied refinery gases, 1.9; still gas, 1.9; petroleum coke, 1.8; asphalt and road oils, 1.3; petrochemical feedstocks, 1.2; and lubricants, kerosene and "other," 1 gallon.

Stem cell donation

Can stem cells be harvested from someone who has died?

According to the National Marrow Donor Program, there is no scientific research to show that viable marrow and blood cells (or stem cells) can be harvested successfully from a deceased donor, said Candice Gulden of the American Red Cross.

This practice also would be against the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, she said.

Living people can join the National Marrow Donor Program Registry as a potential marrow or blood cell donor if they are between 18 and 60, in good health and willing to be available if they're ever identified as a match.

McCain's surgical scar

Sen. John McCain has a scar on the left side of his face. What's the story?

After being diagnosed with melanoma, McCain (R-Ariz.) underwent surgery in August 2000 at the Mayo Clinic to remove a tumor on his temple and nearby lymph nodes. Tests found no evidence that the cancer had spread, but McCain bears a scar on the left side of his face, from temple to jaw, where the lymph nodes were removed.

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