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Last traces of Ivan's ire

After brining misery to the South, Hurricane Ivan caused severe flooding in the mid-Atlantic states. Monday, officials worked to return people to their homes, search for the missing and clear streets.

290 homes and 31 businesses destroyed, more than 160 bridges and roads still closed on Monday in West Virginia.

1,700 people evacuated in eastern Ohio.

Ohio River crested 9 feet above flood stage in Marietta, leaving up to 6 inches of mud behind; 200 people

300 customers remained without power in Mississippi early Monday. Over 4.3-million gallons of water, 20.3-million pounds of ice and 300,000 meals were delivered to storm victims in Alabama.

Around 1,000 people evacuated along Delaware River on Sunday; evacuations forced on Susquehanna River, dozens rescued by boat; 9 inches of rain fell on parts of Pennsylvania.

1,000 people evacuated for flooding in Mercer County, 200 in Hunterton and 150 in Warren, N.J.

200 people evacuated in Port Deposit, Md. from flooding.

Mudslides and flooding close schools in West Virginia on Monday

Eight counties in Florida and 198,575 homes and businesses are without power; 4,539 state National Guard troops were deployed; 3,512 people remained in shelters.

More than 3.9-million meals, 1,282,500 gallons of water and 8,320,000 pounds of ice were delivered to Florida.

Ivan's death tolls

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