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"DATELINE': In 1992, NBC's Dateline produced a video showing a GM side-mounted truck fuel tank exploding. After hiring detectives, GM revealed NBC consultants set off explosive miniature rockets beneath the truck seconds before the crash. NBC News president Michael Gartner and three Dateline producers resigned.

"PRIMETIME LIVE': Two producers from ABC's PrimeTime Live in 1992 reported the grocery store chain Food Lion sold tainted meat. Food Lion was awarded $5.5-million in damages after suing.

ANOTHER ABC FOOD FIGHT: In a 2000 report by John Stossel on ABC's 20/20, the reporter cited an Environmental Working Group study that found food sold at conventional grocery stores was just as healthy as food from organic and health food stores. The EWG said the tests never took place. ABC ordered Stossel to apologize.

CNN: In 1998, CNN reported that in 1970, U.S. special operations forces operated illegally in Laos and Vietnam, and used nerve gas as part of "Operation Tailwind," targeting defectors. CNN issued a retraction.

FOX NEWS: In a Dec. 6, 2000, televised report, correspondent Geraldo Rivera said he was on "hallowed ground" in Afghanistan where "friendly fire took so many of . . . our men and the mujahedeen yesterday." But Rivera later acknowledged that he was several hundred miles from the site. Rivera said he had confused the Kandahar deaths with another "friendly fire" incident that cost several Afghan lives in Tora Bora, but Pentagon information showed the Tora Bora incident occurred at least three days after Rivera's Dec. 6 report.