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Taste test

Good taste and class everywhere. Except . . .

Babs, Babs, Babs Streisand! We know you're a control freak. But it's time to mellow out. Get a stylist. Get a husband who isn't afraid to be honest. Someone had to tell you that John Belushi looked better in a toga than you did Sunday night at the Emmys.

Classy, feminine, mature styles were all over the red carpet. Except . . .

Jennifer Garner! Or should we say: You in that bridal dress from hell. What have you done with the usually chic, stylish Jennifer Garner?

Streisand and Garner took the most noteworthy fashion missteps on a night dominated by good taste, good choices and good presentation.

Seen the most were feminine, flowing dresses in one or multicolors, with lots of frills, sparkle and/or shine. A few went with black or white and, apart from Garner, did it without looking like Goths or raiders of a bridal store fire sale.

The men turned out in the usual parade of designer suits and tuxes. Good standout: John Spencer of The West Wing, whose specially made tux was shot through with gold flecks. Bad standout: Jason Ritter of Joan of Arcadia. It's never a good thing to wear something you've had since you were 8, unless we're talking Rolex.

PEOPLE . . . PEOPLE WHO NEED A STYLIST . . . : There's a right way to do the ancient Greek look that has been hot this year, and there's a wrong way. And there's a really wrong way, like Barbra Streisand's pink velvet-looking togalike contraption.

A WARM WELCOME: Kathryn Morris of Cold Case was impressive for her first time in the red carpet spotlight. Her orange-y Carmen Marc Valvo dress was simple, tasteful and classy, yet sexy, and she didn't overwhelm it with accessories. She went with understated gold chandelier earrings.

NOT EVEN A BAD HAIR DAY WOULD JUSTIFY THIS: Joan of Arcadia's Jason Ritter, with girlfriend Mariana Palka, wins the worst accessory award. He wore a painter's hat he said he had had since he was 8.

SHE TOOK ONE OF BRITNEY SPEARS' WEDDING DRESS REJECTS: Sometimes a bad choice cries for an explanation. So we demand that the usually right-on Jennifer Garner issue a statement explaining how she ended up with this way-off froufrou lacy piece.

BABS, JENNIFER, LISTEN UP: Joely Richardson of Nip/Tuck shows the right way to wear the Greek look and white with her dress by French designer Catherine Walker. Richardson told the Style Network that Walker designed a lot of dresses for Princess Diana.

ALL THAT GLITTERS: Mischa Barton of The O.C. cemented her position as a young Hollywood stylemaker with her metallic, hand-beaded Maggie Norris creation.