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Allowing condos on old dump appalling

Thanks for the story on the sellout of the health and well-being of the citizens of Pinellas County by the majority of the county commissioners in granting developer Grady Pridgen his Toytown dump condos.

We were St. Petersburg residents in the 1980s and were forced to drive by I-275 and Ulmerton Road when the Toytown dump was open and filling the surrounding air with a horrid stench. We had to hold our breath at that intersection to avoid breathing the toxic odors. It since has been covered over but is still there.

To actually approve this project allowing families within 700 feet of this former dump is one of the worst travesties I have ever seen. Maybe many people don't remember how bad it was.

This is appalling and an excellent reason to vote out of office Commissioners Bob Stewart, Calvin Harris, Ken Welch and Karen Seel. I wonder how many of these commissioners would actually move their families onto this property.

The county has a very real obligation to make sure any unknowing purchasers of the Toytown dump condos are made aware of the toxic nature of the ground.

Jan Fowler, Odessa

Sandwich story is food for thought

Re: PB&J marathon turns out 5,000 sandwiches, story, Sept. 20.

After reading the whole Clearwater Times section of the St. Petersburg Times on Monday, the best and most meaningful story was the article on the children at Palm Harbor United Methodist Church who made the 5,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for area homeless and needy people.

What a wonderful way to teach them about caring for those less fortunate than themselves, something we all need to learn. We are all so blessed and don't even realize it, so we just go about our days doing the things we enjoy and seldom take time to do for others.

Most of the helping children will grow up caring for their fellow man, thanks to the lessons of sharing being taught at Palm Harbor United Methodist Church.

Just think if every area church took one day a year serving the needy, not just with PB&J sandwiches, but by checking into different places and seeing what their needs are and focusing on those. Help is needed every day in our area, and we should all participate in helping to meet those needs.

Thanks for bringing us this beautiful story of loving and caring individuals in our community.

Fran Glaros, Clearwater

Shelter helpers deserve thanks

Thanks for the newspapers the St. Petersburg Times gave to the hurricane shelter at Safety Harbor Middle School. We all enjoyed them.

I wish to thank all the people who worked at the shelter and helped us and fed us. The volunteers, the nurses, the school maintenance people, the police, the paramedics and the firefighters were all so nice and thoughtful. Also, the young man from Oldsmar who let so many of us call our relatives all over the United States on his cell phone.

A big thank you to all.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ermin, Safety Harbor