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Carter unlikely to get his wish

Published Aug. 28, 2005

Vince Carter wants to replace cousin Tracy McGrady as the leader and star of the Magic.

Carter is growing increasingly disgruntled in Toronto, where he has spent the first six years of his career establishing himself as a star.

He asked for a trade earlier this summer, making it clear to both the Raptors and the Magic that his destination of choice would be Orlando.

In any deal for Carter, the Raptors want another all-star, which with the Magic would be newly acquired point guard Steve Francis.

"There just aren't many scenarios you could draw up where we'd be a better team in acquiring him," Magic general manager John Weisbrod said, "not when you factor in whom we would have to trade. I can say in no uncertain terms, we would not trade Steve Francis for Vince Carter."

Carter averaged 22.5 points last season compared with 16.6 points for Francis, who was acquired from Houston in the multiplayer trade of McGrady earlier this summer. Both Carter and Francis are all-stars, but in the eyes of Weisbrod, there is no comparison.

"The more I'm around him, the more I'm a Steve Francis guy," Weisbrod said. Carter's desire to return to his home state to play isn't going to happen any time soon. Heat President Pat Riley also expressed little interest last week in Carter.