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USF junior Travis Lipp, who steps in Saturday as the Bulls' punt returner, sat down with the Times' Greg Auman to talk about his high school days, his new receivers coach and how the Bulls can bounce back from Saturday's 34-3 loss at South Carolina.

When's the last time you returned a punt before this year? High school?

Last time, in a game, was against Utah, my freshman year. I think I had two for 2 yards. That game's not exactly one to remember.

You caught a ton of passes from Adrian McPherson at Bradenton Southeast. Have you guys kept in touch?

We were there together all four years (and) graduated together. When he was going through everything he had to go through, he stayed at my house in Tampa for a few days. We've known each other for quite some time. He's up in Tallahassee, working out and staying in shape, getting ready for whatever his next move's going to be.

How tough was the flight home from Columbia on Saturday?

It was real quiet. Saturday was real tough to swallow. We didn't execute, and it was tough for us to see on film. Those are the games you have to learn from, but you can't let them eat at you. There's another game Saturday, and that's where the team's focus is.

How do you like your new receivers coach, Lawrence Dawsey?

He's a great coach. He brings a lot of insight into what we do. A lot of the guys really trust and believe in him because he's been there and done that. He's a player-friendly coach. His philosophy is that you're not coaching when you're yelling. He'll tell you what you're doing wrong, but he can show you, too. He still can run the routes. He's a great guy, the kind of coach I like to have coaching me.