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Another take on presidential progeny

President Bush has twin daughters, so it's appropriate that Hollywood has released twin movies about presidential daughters in an election year. First Daughter (PG) is the second arrival, and coincidentally was the original title of the first, later retitled Chasing Liberty to avoid confusion.

Both were expected to debut by springtime, but First Daughter was postponed when the other, starring Mandy Moore and Mark Harmon, tanked at the box office in January. First Daughter stars an even more promising young actor, Katie Holmes (Pieces of April), and another faded actor _ where have you been, Michael Keaton? _ as her father in the Oval Office.

Both plots involve independent young women rebelling against White House confinement. While Moore's character ran away for a European road trip, Samantha Mackenzie (Holmes) is escaping to her freshman year in college. With Secret Service agents in tow, she tries to blend in on campus, and falls in love with a graduate student (Marc Blucas), who may have something more sinister than romance on his mind.

A review of First Daughter will be published Friday on Page 2B.

_ Steve Persall, Times film critic