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Barge hits bridge; damage is minor

A barge slammed into the Treasure Island Causeway just before 7 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said.

No one was injured and damage appeared to be minor.

The barge hit the north side of the bridge, damaging an 8 to 10 foot section of the catwalk, said Petty Officer Danielle DeMarino, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Coast Guard. Officers closed the bridge to inspect it and reopened it when it appeared to be working, DeMarino said. Authorities said there were no major delays.

The barge seemed to be trying to travel south during an opening of the bridge when it hit the catwalk, said Sgt. K. Reynolds of the Treasure Island Police Department. The barge made it through to the other side, he said.

The bridge didn't seem to have serious damage, but it will be inspected again today, Reynolds said. The Coast Guard is investigating.