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BIKE LOCKS EXCHANGEABLE: Bike lock maker Kryptonite is offering to exchange its tubular u-shaped locks for free, in response to a design flaw that allows thieves to open the locks with the hollow shaft of a ball-point pen. Kryptonite said "all consumers who are concerned about the security of their current Kryptonite tubular cylinder locks" will be able to exchange the locks for a nontubular cylinder model. The company previously said it would offer free upgrades to customers depending on when they bought the affected locks. The company listed steps for taking part in the offer at its Web site,

SONY FACES THE MUSIC: In a major strategic reversal, Sony Corp. said Wednesday it plans to add support for MP3 music files to some of its portable music players. The shift to support the widely used MP3 music format would end Sony's long-standing insistence on its proprietary format, called Atrac. It also better positions the electronics giant against rivals such as Apple Computer Inc., whose portable players support both MP3s and other file formats.


FedEx Corp.

First-quarter earnings more than doubled, pushed by a strengthening worldwide economy and expansion of international express deliveries and ground shipping, the company said Wednesday.

1st Qtr Year Ago

Revenue $6.98-bil $5.69-bil

Net Income $330-mil $128-mil

Per Share $1.08 42 cents

ConAgra Foods Inc.

The third-largest U.S. food company said fiscal first-quarter profit fell 31 percent as it shed businesses and paid more for meat, grains and other raw materials.

1st Qtr Year Ago

Revenue $3.5-bil $2.96-bil

Net Income $135-mil $194.9-mil

Per Share 26 cents 37 cents