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A new government study found about 2,500 people a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries incurred while using a toothbrush. It will be published in the next issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.


Lawyer: Rosa Parks has dementia

Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks has dementia and should not be forced to answer questions in her lawsuit over a rap song named for her, her lawyers said in a court filing. Parks, 91, rarely has been seen in public since 2001. Her lawyers said this summer she has been in frail health, but Monday's court filing is the first public description of her health problems. Parks' lawsuit says the 1998 song Rosa Parks by hip-hop group OutKast violated her publicity and trademark rights and defamed her. It says OutKast and record company BMG exploited her name for commercial purposes. OutKast has been dismissed as a defendant.

Political poisoning or a bad maki roll?

Ukrainian prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the alleged poisoning of a leading candidate in a crucial presidential election scheduled for next month. The candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, became sick more than two weeks ago, and his campaign charged that he was poisoned by political opponents. The allegations have roiled the heated race to replace outgoing President Leonid Kuchma. Yushchenko became ill Sept. 6 and was hospitalized in Austria. After he was discharged, doctors in Vienna said it was possible he had been poisoned but they could not confirm it. Prosecutors say they are investigating charges of "attempted murder of a statesman or a public figure." However, a number of Kuchma's allies have charged that Yushchenko had merely eaten bad sushi.


French "Spider-Man' climbs 59-story building

A French urban climber who calls himself "Spider-Man" scaled a 59-story Paris office building Wednesday with his bare hands and without ropes. Alain Robert took less than 45 minutes to climb the nearly 700-foot-tall Montparnasse Tower building, gripping the metal girders on his way up. "This is a bit long," Robert, 42, said of his climb. "And today it's windy."


Nazi heir art show

An exhibition of contemporary art owned by the billionaire heir of a Nazi-era arms supplier opened to the public Wednesday with none of the controversy that accompanied the decision to show the collection in Berlin. A handful of people demonstrated Tuesday night outside the formal opening of Friedrich Christian Flick's collection of 2,500 pieces, but there were no protests as the exhibition opened to the public Wednesday.

Mad cow disease

Japan confirmed its 13th case of mad cow disease Wednesday after a slaughtered Holstein tested positive for the brain-wasting illness. The 8-year-old dairy cow in Nara prefecture was found to have the illness after an exam given by a state-run infectious disease research institute in Tokyo. The cow's meat and organs had not gone on the market. Eating beef from a diseased cow is believed to cause the fatal Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans.