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Fed up with all the maniacs, this driver wants a badge

Editor: I want to be deputized, and I want a cool set of lights for my car. I want a booklet so I can dish out traffic tickets.

I want to be able to pull over, stop and ticket the next maniacal moron I see running a stop sign, a red light, or accelerating to beat the other drivers next to them to the spot in the road where the lanes merge.

After one truly tragic accident recently that resulted in a death on Mariner Boulevard, you'd think people would start to be a little more cautious. Not at all.

I've just had it with rude, insensitive and downright stupid drivers, and I want to be able to do something about it.

Dennis McCarthy, Spring Hill

Officer not to blame for misplaced trust

Re: Missing funds slipped past officer, L.C. Frazee's Sept. 12 letter to the editor:

Editor: Why is it you're surprised that Eddie McConnell approved presigned checks? He had no idea Julie Rodriguez was going to commit a crime. She was apparently trusted.

Did it ever occur to you that many checks are preprinted or signed? I am sure many checks are presigned, including the employees' checks of our Sheriff's Office. If one of the sheriff's employees who is trusted to do payroll stole money, it would be discovered that those checks were pre-endorsed. This is common with every business with only a few, or even hundreds, of employees.

Ms. Rodriguez is accused of breaking the law, not Eddie McConnell.

W. Osborne, Brooksville

Public pays for schools and should be able to use them

Re: Comments that superintendent Wendy Tellone may not want the schools used for emergency shelters:

Editor: I sure feel sorry for the taxpayers of Hernando County. They pay for the schools, the buses and also the maintenance and supplies. They also pay the superintendent and the School Board.

So, why is it that they begrudge the ones paying the bills to use the schools during hurricanes?

A lot of private school boards operate with nonpaid members. It's time we replace these board members with volunteers and look around for a new superintendent who appreciates her position and remembers who pays her big fat salary.

William Hughes, Spring Hill