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People directly affected by how the school district will make up days of school lost because of the recent hurricanes were asked:

"How do you think the hurricane days should be made up?"

DUSTIN JONES, 14, LECANTO HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN: "I would say at the end of the year, 'cause nobody wants to take away the spring break or any of that."

BETH JONES, DUSTIN'S MOTHER: "I think they could make them up by going Saturdays or on in-service days."

LAURA JONES, LECANTO HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER: "I would like to add a little bit of time each day until the time's made up." (Editor's note: Laura Jones is no relation to Beth and Justin Jones.)

CHRIS MATAVA, INVERNESS MIDDLE SCHOOL EXCEPTIONAL STUDENT EDUCATION TEACHER'S ASSISTANT: "If it's the full amount, the six days that we missed, I think it should be done at the end of the year because students and staff need those breaks during the course of the year. If they were taken away, it would just make for a more stressful situation, which we have already gone through."