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Bahamas could get heavy rains starting tonight

Bahamians patched roofs shredded by Hurricane Frances as they prepared to face Hurricane Jeanne, which made an elaborate loop in the Atlantic and headed Thursday toward the island chain it threatened just last week.

Forecasters said heavy rains would begin for parts of the northern Bahamas as early as tonight. The capital, Nassau, on Providence Island and the second city of Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, are in the danger zone.

Frances killed two people and damaged thousands of homes three weeks ago.

"We're right in the middle of trying to restore everything back to some sort of normalcy," said Harold Williams, a Freeport City Council member. "Now here it is, we have another hurricane that's pending, so we've geared up to get back in the mode of hurricane preparedness."

He said emergency shelters were being prepared and officials would discuss possible evacuations. Residents were stocking up on batteries and storm shutters.

In Nassau, work crews were still cutting up trees toppled by Frances. Businesses were operating as normal and tourists stepped off cruise ships for brief visits.