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Commissioners should just give schools the land

Re: Schools to buy land despite high cost, Sept. 23 Times:

Editor: Again I read an article about the Hernando County School Board searching for property for new schools. School Board members are willing to pay for land in excess of the appraised value or get a new appraisal that will conform to the seller's asking price. Wow! Is this ever clever!

I also read a few months back that Deltona Corp. left the county commissioners several parcels of land. You have got to be kidding! Deltona left the county commissioners nothing. Deltona left the land to the taxpaying residents of this county. The land should be used for government buildings, or parks, and for schools.

The fact that the county commissioners would sell the land to the school district, but only at market price, is ludicrous. The commissioners should give any land suitable for schools to the school district free of charge. The land belongs to the school district as much as the commissioners.

Please don't play the song-and-dance routine that traffic congestion, lack of access to a main artery or environmental sensitivity make the land unsuitable for schools. If the land is large enough for a school and in a reasonable location, change any minor rules and build the school.

Ray Wing, Spring Hill

Mr. Kanner, life's too short

Re: Covell's decisions in past race returned to haunt her in primary, Sept. 17 letter to the editor:

Allegations made by Robert Kanner in reference to me are merely a figment of his vicious imagination, and it appears to be just another pathetic attempt to blame someone, other than himself, for his cynical behavior toward our community. Apparently Mr. Kanner has chosen to continue to blame me, you and the entire voting base of Hernando County for his loss as a candidate in the 2002 election.

Mr. Kanner refuses to understand the public's perception of his inability to function in a forthright, honest manner when a female student made sexual assault charges against several firefighters at the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District in 2002.

As the chairman of the fire commission at the time, Mr. Kanner tried to protect his own candidacy for County Commission. Mr. Kanner's lack of leadership in this crisis demonstrated to the public that he was not the right choice for the County Commission in 2002.

Kanner continues to malign the entire Spring Hill Fire Rescue District for his loss in 2002 with his repeated negative letters and comments to the media. Now he has chosen to attack me for his shortcomings. It is unfortunate Kanner has such a pessimistic outlook on our community. Mr. Kanner, life is too short to be so bitter.

Anna Liisa Covell, Nobleton