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Justin DeMutiis, Springstead kicker

Published Aug. 28, 2005

DeMutiis is not only a reliable player but a yearbook editor.

He's not a sure thing, but he's pretty darn close. Springstead kicker Justin DeMutiis is one of the Eagles' most reliable players, and that's something he takes a lot of pride in. Other things he takes pride in? His observational skills, his attention to detail and his ability to freeze a moment in time. Staff writer Emily Nipps found DeMutiis walking around campus with a camera in his hand, and he went one on one with her to talk about his love of the stars and the pretty girl he'd like to photograph.

What are you doing with that camera?

I'm actually the editor-in-chief of the yearbook this year, and I take most of the pictures, too. That's actually how I got started. I had a camera in my hand every day last year and I just love taking pictures. I was really the only one of the yearbook staff to come back from last year, and I got voted by last year's staff to be the editor-in-chief, so I accepted the duty.

I didn't realize how much work it would be. I'm actually taking more pictures this year than I did last year. But I love photography.

What do you like taking pictures of?

Anything I can take a picture of, anything I can get my hand on. But my favorite thing to photography is more, like, nature scenes.

So what were you taking pictures of today?

We're doing a style page in the yearbook, and I'm pretty observant so just observed people with nice clothes. Well, not necessarily nice, just clothes that will be interesting to look at in the yearbook.

I saw a girl who dresses really nice every day and I was just going out to go find her in a class to take her picture, but she wasn't in there. She's, uh ... this has really nothing to do with it, but she's really beautiful.

Do you know her, or have you just seen her in the halls?

Yeah, I was actually supposed to take modeling pictures of her, like, out of school.

Do you know if she'll be back in class tomorrow?

Yeah, I said if I didn't see her today, I'd get her tomorrow.

What do you when you're not kicking or taking pictures?

Well, I take a lot of pictures on my own, and I also love astronomy, anything having to do with the planets and the stars. I also like to plan trips. Ian (Wald) and I are best friends, he and I and my brother and my other best friend Matt, we all went on a hiking trip this summer.

What is it you love about astronomy?

I think anyone can appreciate the stars, because they're there for everyone to see. When you look at the stars here, there's so much light pollution, it's hard to see all of them. But when you get out to a really dark location, there's just so many millions of them. Billions, actually. And there's just so much that we don't know.

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