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Reports: "Sex' star Nixon linked with another woman

Sex and the City has taken on a whole new meaning for Cynthia Nixon.

The actor, 38, who just won an Emmy for her role as Miranda Hobbes in the hit HBO comedy, is in a relationship with another woman, a source who works with Nixon told the Associated Press on Friday.

The New York Daily News and the New York Post reported Friday that Nixon has been dating a woman since January. The woman is neither in the public eye nor living with Nixon.

"We will not confirm or deny anything," Nixon's publicist, Carrie Ross, told AP.

"My private life is private," Nixon told the Daily News. "But at the same time, I have nothing to hide. So what I will say is that I am very happy."

The actor split in June 2003 with photographer and high school sweetheart Danny Mozes, whom she'd been with for 15 years (but never married). They now share custody of their two children.

Nixon is working on Tanner on Tanner, a Robert Altman and Garry Trudeau miniseries for the Sundance Channel.

Archive uncovers "lost'

episode of "Honeymooners'

ATHENS, Ga. _ It's news that would make Jackie Gleason shout out his trademark "And away we go!"

A new "lost" episode of the classic 1950s TV comedy The Honeymooners has been uncovered in the Peabody Awards archive at the University of Georgia.

The episode, titled "Love Letter," aired on Oct. 16, 1954, on The Jackie Gleason Show, said Ruta Abolins, director of the Peabody Awards Collection and Media Archives at UGA.

"It does not exist in another archive and is a unique "lost' episode in The Honeymooners history," Abolins said in a statement Thursday.

Gleason starred as Ralph Kramden, a blustery New York City bus driver. Audrey Meadows played his sharp-tongued wife, Alice. Art Carney was his goofy neighbor, Ed Norton, a sewer worker, and Joyce Randolph played Ed's wife, Trixie.

Archivist Margaret Compton discovered the "Love Letter" episode during a preservation review of the archives' kinescopes and videotapes.

She said plans are being made by Gleason Enterprises to release the never-rebroadcast episode on home video.

The awards archive holds the only known copy of the original sketch.

The Peabody Awards, considered among the most prestigious prizes in electronic media, recognize excellence and meritorious work by radio and TV stations, networks, Web casters, producing organizations and individuals. Gleason won an individual Peabody in 1955.

Wedding bells may ring

for Bullock and James

Star magazine is reporting that Sandra Bullock is ready to make an honest man of Jesse James. The celebrity tabloid says Bullock's tattooed, custom-motorcycle-making man (who claims he's a descendent of cowboy villain Jesse James), host of Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, proposed to her when they vacationed in Hawaii in July, and the nuptials could be as early as this fall.