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ALL MY CHILDREN: Ethan ducked Derek's questions. After finding a rifle in Ethan's room, Kendall tried to "connect" with him. As Ethan nursed his hatred for his father, Zach, Zach told Maria that until now, he had no idea that he had a son. Watch for: Someone's nasty deeds could soon be exposed.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Carly was shocked to hear what she believed was Jack's voice. Alison lashed out in fury against Aaron. Julia and Jack started their new life together, unaware that facts about his old life in Oakdale were beginning to surface. Watch for: Carly and Rosanna turn up at Julia's door.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thorne told Darla he's not sorry he ripped off the Forrester designs, although it might have irrevocably ended his relationship with his parents. But to his surprise, Eric and Stephanie arrived to tell him they're sorry for having devoted most of their attention to Ridge. Watch for: Jackie's decision creates unexpected consequences.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: On the island: A stunned Bo and Hope watched Patrick fall to his death while trying to rescue the person on the ledge, who turned out to be Jack, not Billie, as Bo had believed. After Jack and Jennifer were reunited, Hope rejected pleas from Marlena, John, Abe, Roman, Doug and Maggie not to follow Bo back into the jungle, where he planned to search for Billie. In Salem: Shawn crashed his bike after seeing Belle and Philip together and was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Watch for: Roman finds proof that Billy is on the island.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Steven admitted to Durant that the DNA tests showed he (Durant) was Carly's father. Carly, meanwhile, told Sonny to do whatever he must to protect himself against Durant. Helena let out a string of curses on Nikolas and Emily when Lucky revealed how she and Tracy bribed Nurse Harris to incriminate Emily as Mary's killer. Watch for: Durant and Alcazar form an unlikely alliance.

GUIDING LIGHT: After releasing Dinah, Cassie put her plan into operation. Taunting e-mails to Sandy led to a surprising revelation. Blake made a promise to Roger (her father). Harley risked her life to save Olivia. Watch for: Reva vows to protect Sandy. Tammy plans to move to a new level with JB.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Antonio and Sonia faced the task of tracking down El Tiburon's identity. Rex and Shannon rescued Asa from the crevice and brought him to the mansion, where he planned to wreak vengeance on Blair and Todd. Watch for: Bo faces a tough decision about Asa.

PASSIONS: To his chagrin, Fox learned that Chad had accepted their father's (Julian) offer of a job at Crane Industries. Watch for: Fox and Theresa discuss how he might approach Whitney.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Gloria realized Kevin had persuaded himself that Lauren cared for him. Jill apologized to Jack for standing him up for the Harvest Dance because she'd been with Elliott. Watch for: Sharon unwittingly raises Victor's suspicions about Nikki's activities.

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