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Suits filed

(Filings for Sept. 6-10, 2004)

Geraldo and Evangline C. Munoz vs. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (contract and indebtedness)

Steven R. and Sharon J. White vs. Corinne P. Keys (auto negligence)

Cynthia Biasotti vs. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company and Virginia Dambra (contract and indebtedness)

Wells Fargo Bank and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Estel Wesley Penrod, Unknown Spouse, High Point Community Property Owners and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Southern Hills Plantation III Community Development vs. State of florida and Citizens of Southern Hills Plantation III Community (other)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trust vs. Pat Jones, Unknown Spouse and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Suntrust Mortgage, SunBank Mortgage Company and SunBank and Trust Company vs. Carl and Suzanne Oppermann, Unknown Parties and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Dorothy Pizzino vs. Andrew James Mack (auto negligence)

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Norwest Mortgage vs. Steve D. Bishop and Unknown Spouse, Dawn M. Bishop and Unknown Spouse, Spring Hill Community Association, Unknown Tenants and Unknown Parties (real property)

Louis and Irene Adjan vs. Laura Cullen (real property)

Mortgage Electronic Registration System vs. Cara Morehouse, Johnny Cruz, John A. Heyne, Walter James Heyne, Joseph Alan Heyne, Jeffrey A. Heyne, Alice Klaweiter and Unknown Persons in Possession (real property)

Acushnet Company, Titleist and Foot Joy vs. WME Incorporated and Jean's Gulf World (contract and indebtedness)

Equity One vs. Robert E. Sims and Unknown Spouse, Discover Bank and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Jerry and Shirley Vanleeuwen vs. Kenan Transport Company (contract and indebtedness)

Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County vs. Lisa Holloway (real property)

Belgium Bvba Breen Belgium, Herman Oostvogels and Josephina Sas vs. International Foreign Currency, Thomas Qualls and James Papadoniou (other)

Diana Munson vs. Thomas J. Munson (child support)

Nikki M. Wilson vs. Charles D. Poor (child support)

Gretchen Sue Ann Hively vs. Gretchen Sue Ann Molannen (other domestic relations)


Hildegard Bloemink vs. Ana J. Colon (auto negligence)

Walter and Linda Balcerak vs. United PRoperty and Casualty Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness)

The Bank of New York as Trustee vs. Louis O. and Denise A. Roqueta, Spring Hill Community Association, Spring Hill Civic Association and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Citibank as Trustee vs. Veronica Leigh Johnson, Jeffrey Alan Johnson, Unknown Person in Possession and American General Home Equity (real property)

David L. Legault vs. Michael V. Perricone (other)

Christopher Machado vs. Linda Costa Goncalves (other domestic relations)

Michelle L. Garayua vs. Angel A. Garayua (child support)

Robert William Batelaan vs. Carole Ann Batelaan (dissolution of marriage)


State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Brenda Waun, Amy Waun and Nicholas Rosado vs. Donald Wayne Smith (auto negligence)

Jose G. Gomes vs. Robert and Laura Quebedo (contract and indebtedness)

Mortgage Electric Registration Systems and Wells Fargo Bank vs. Clinton M. Herman, Unknown Spouse, Unknown Parties, Hernando County and Unknown Tenants (real property)

WR Dallas Limited Partnership and JRC Dallas Incorporated, Its General Partner vs. Women's Fitness Center, Mildred M. Miller and Rodney T. Miller (contract and indebtedness)

Melissa Groves vs. Vito J. Dileo (child support)

Kelley S. Owens vs. James Hall Jr. (child support)

Amber Lee Garrett vs. John Nathan Garrett (child support)

Kimberly A. Webster vs. Michael P. Webster Sr. (child support)

Melanie Jayne Johnson vs. Charles D. Crews (child support)

Jay Thomas Gregory vs. Jay Leeson (other domestic relations)

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Steven M. Lugo vs. Jessica L. Lugo

Jeffrey D. Garetano vs. Paulette Guisto Garetano

Carol Linda Bond vs. James Bond

Marie P. Bokosky vs. Michael R. Bokosky

Suzette Lebron vs. Antonio Lebron

Denise D. Young vs. Marvin C. Young Jr.

Douglas Jury vs. Shannon Brooke Jury

Salvatore Crisanti vs. Simone V. Crisanti

Dissolutions of marriage granted

Erin Carter vs. Anthony Carter

Jalaine M. Jacobus vs. Stephen K. Rhinehart

Carolyn Spagnola vs. Michael A. Spagnola Jr.

James S. Days vs. Dorothy E. Days

Magda Robles aka Magda Osorio vs. Rafael A. Robles

Stephen J. Novak vs. Eva Nemedi

Thomas J. Martin vs. Lois S. Martin

Robert N. Colwell vs. Gina M. Colwell

Debra Ann Stanfield vs. John Arthur Stanfield Sr.

James W. Morrison vs. Cindy S. Morrison Marriage license applications

Kathleen Theresa Steffanuski and Charles Daniel Leistman, both of Brooksville

Nancy Jane Parks of Brooksville and Albert John St. Hilaire of Spring Hill

Jessica Marie Workman and Ronald Joseph Fee III, both of Spring Hill

Bree Alice Fugate and Garrett Thaddious Tormey, both of Brooksville

Connie Marie Mayberry and Michael Ray Kessler, both of Spring Hill

Jodie Lee Palsh of Leduc, Alberta, Canada, and Raymond Ernest Poirier of Weeki Wachee

Kati Marlene Chefan and Dustin Leonard Mormando, both of Spring Hill

Carolyn Ann Claus and Jeremy Alvin Strickland, both of Spring Hill

Tanya Lorane Henry and William Antonio Resto Sr., both of Spring Hill

Stephanie Michelle Eudy of Spring Hill and Stephen Curtis Williams of Masaryktown

Beverly Ann Grandy of Weeki Wachee and John Brostrom of Spring Hill

Connie Hollingsworth and Thomas Edward Bronson, both of Brooksville