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U.N. troops use force on Haitians

U.N. troops fired smoke grenades Friday as crowds of Haitian flood victims tried to break into a food distribution site, increasingly desperate over the slow pace of relief after Tropical Storm Jeanne devastated the city.

At least 1,160 are dead and crews are continuing to find bodies in the mud and debris.

About 500 people gathered at a Roman Catholic school where CARE International passed out food to women only in hopes of reducing the crowds. The crowd swelled, however, and men, women and children tried to push through an iron gate.

Argentine U.N. troops fired grenades, chasing people away. But the sunburned, unwashed flood victims returned in surges once the air cleared of smoke.

"We need everything _ bread, clothes, clean water, food," said Mosau Alveus, 25, who showed up at 6 a.m. and came away hours later with a bag of grain.

Genevieve Montaguere, a nun from Guadeloupe, said the school distributed food for 1,000 families but ran out of drinking water.

Hungry and thirsty survivors _ some of whom lost entire families and everything they own in last week's floods _ were becoming increasingly desperate.

An 18-wheeler carrying relief supplies was attacked by residents who jumped on the moving truck, pried open the doors and threw out boxes of supplies. Troops shoved crowds off the truck.

"It's dangerous and difficult, but we have to come here," said Keteline Richards, 24, who was looking for aid.

Ivan leaves a lot of rain

HOUSTON _ Ivan's second foray into the United States came with little wind but plenty of the rain Friday as it raked the Caribbean and eastern United States.

After looping into the Atlantic and back into the Gulf of Mexico following its initial strike on the Alabama-Florida coast as a hurricane last week, Ivan washed ashore as a tropical storm near the Texas-Louisiana line. Parts of southwestern Louisiana received 8 inches of rain.

The system was downgraded to a tropical depression Friday. It was near latitude 31.0 north and longitude 94.9 west, halfway between Huntsville and Lufkin, Texas and nearly stationary with winds of 10 to 15 mph.