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Volunteers needed to help new east Pasco charity get rolling

A newly created charity seeking to serve east Pasco's needy population is looking for volunteers to help lead the organization as it gains steam.

The group, called the Dade City Widow's Mite _ a reference to a biblical story of a widow who donates her last money to help others _ aims to fill in when other social agencies can't quite cover every need, group president Hazel Wells said.

"People have all kinds of needs," she said. "We just want to help where we can."

Wells said the idea of a new charity has been a dream of hers that she embarked on with the encouragement of her church and pastor. Anyone who would be willing to help get the charity started can call Wells at (352) 583-2502 or Amelia Wilson at (352) 521-3068.

The group is a legally recognized Florida nonprofit corporation, and Wells said it is seeking tax status as a charity.