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Fire Rescue efforts buy flags for school

Published Aug. 28, 2005

(ran East Lake & Oldsmar edition)

When Fire Commissioner James Galloway heard that the state is requiring an American flag in every classroom, but also requires schools to pay for them, he had an idea. He suggested taking up a collection at East Lake Fire Rescue to pay for the elementary school flags needed in East Lake.

So Division Chief Tom May collected about $170 from fire department employees, enough to give 12 flags to Cypress Woods Elementary. May said Brooker Creek Elementary said they had enough flags.

The department works on a variety of community projects each year: a Halloween open house, a traveling Santa in an antique fire truck and Toys for Tots.

Now there's something the community can do for East Lake Fire Rescue. Residents can make sure their insurance shows the East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District as their fire service provider if they live within the district's boundaries.

The Florida Department of Revenue collects a tax from insurance companies on all Florida property insurance policies. Under a special state retirement program, the East Lake district is eligible to receive a portion of the state tax revenue to help fund the firefighters' pension plans.

Visit to see a district map or call 784-8668.

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