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Jazz recital honors Palladium director

Published Aug. 28, 2005

With jazz master Dick Hyman playing the new Steinway grand piano at the Palladium Theater on Tuesday and dozens of friends and fellow community leaders in the audience, founding executive director Paul Stavros had to feel appreciated.

Well he should.

Stavros, who continues to serve on the theater board, often has volunteered his efforts during tight financial times at the venue, which opened nearly seven years ago in the former Christian Science church in St. Petersburg.

Receptions before and after Hyman's performance honored Stavros, and the new piano is being purchased in his name. Bill Hough, the Palladium's board chairman, and his wife, Helen, gave Stavros a glass sculpture in appreciation of his efforts.

Hyman was a classmate of Stavros' father, Gus, at Columbia. The well-regarded pianist helped to select the Palladium Steinway, and his wife, Julia, was in the audience.

Other attendees included Frances Stavros, the honoree's mother, and Ellen Stavros, his sister; Mark Spano, the Palladium's executive director; Mary Wyatt Allen; Dar Webb and Clint Page; Barbara and Fred McCoy; Molly Barnes; Cris Coffin; Fay Baynard; Elizabeth and Herb Anderson; Marion and Bill Ballard; Al May; Fran and Bud Risser; Dr. John Lindstrom; Sally Poynter and Bill MacDonald; Robin O'Dell and Tim Clemmons; Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse; Eugenie Bondurant and Paul Wilborn; Edie Spies; Bill and Sally Habermeyer; Carol Upham; Leslie Ann Curry; Edward Rucks; Penny and Dick Crippen; Susan Hough and Pat Henry; Pat and Don Baldwin; Karen White; Susan Haig; Sheldon and Ann Wykell; Patsy Dunlap; Mary Jo and the Rev. Chris Thompson; and Mary Joan and Sam Mann.

Bright House Networks was the event sponsor.