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Pregame plan: send resumes

Now, why doesn't this surprise any of us?

In a new book, Patriot Reign by Boston Globe columnist Michael Holley, comes the revelation that former Patriots coach Bill Parcells was positioning himself for a job with the Jets the week before his team played the Packers in Super Bowl XXXI.

What's amazing is that the Patriots and current coach Bill Belichick, once considered Parcells' close friend, granted Holley all the access needed to dig up the dirt.

The book quotes Belichick as saying Parcells was "making dozens of calls talking with other teams" while New England was preparing for the Super Bowl. The book claims the Patriots have records that show phone calls from Parcells' hotel room to the Jets' training facility.

"He was talking to other teams. He was trying to make up his mind on what he was going to do," Belichick says in the book. "Which, honestly, I felt was totally inappropriate. How many chances do you get to play for the Super Bowl? Tell (the other teams) to get back to you in a couple of days."

This, of course, is hard for Bucs fans to believe, considering that Parcells was not putting together a coaching staff for the Bucs while Tony Dungy was preparing the team for a playoff appearance at the end of the 2001 season.

Yeah, right!

CHILD'S PLAY: This just in, the media can't vilify a pro athlete for being honest, then hammer him for his honesty.

Asked if he was excited about the first start for Steelers rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca didn't offer a strong endorsement.

"Exciting? No, it's not exciting," Faneca said Monday. "Do you want to go work with some little young kid who's just out of college?"

Well, Faneca, a team captain, took a public pounding and was forced to defend his statement to hordes of media on Wednesday.

"I told (Ben) it had nothing to do with him," Faneca told the Pittsburgh Press Gazette. "The question was, am I excited about having a rookie at quarterback? And it's Week 2. Now, am I excited about our second-string quarterback playing? No, there's nothing to be excited about. But, it's time to move on and play and get ready. He's a good kid, he's going to come in and play and be good. But am I excited about it? No. What is there to be excited about your starting quarterback (Tommy Maddox) being hurt for six weeks."

NOW THAT'S CONSISTENCY: Wins over the Bills and Miami (next weekend) will make it 19 straight for the Patriots and set an unrecognized NFL record. Six teams have won 18 straight games over two years. The Patriots' regular-season streak is 14.

"You know what, I'm not even thinking about anything like that," quarterback Tom Brady said. "We have to get better. Too many of our plays aren't at the level they need to be."

That might explain something.

OH, NO! NOT YOU: Could the injury gods have been any more cruel to the Bears? With three starters in the secondary out, the Bears welcome Randy Moss and the high octane Vikings offense.

Keep this in mind, in 12 games against the Bears, Moss has 75 catches for 1,005 yards and eight TDs, and that includes a touchdown in seven consecutive games.

DESERT HEAT: Two games into his new stint as coach of the Cardinals, Dennis Green is irked by the fact they have scored only two TDs on offense and are ranked 31st in the league.

"I have said from the start I am not a patient man," Green told the Arizona Republic. "I don't like it when I see offenses that we created doing it better than we have."

Green was referring to the successes of the Colts under offensive coordinator Tom Moore, and the Vikings under coach Mike Tice. Moore and Tice are Green disciples with better teams.

Cardinals quarterback Josh McCown was particularly chipper about Green's comments: "The last thing you want to have is the head coach pointing out your group and saying you are the ones not getting it done."

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