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Roadies tweak timing of light at intersection

Published Aug. 28, 2005

First of all, we have some old business to dispense with.

Simply weeks ago, before all this dreadful storm nastiness, we were asked to look into a possible traffic problem for motorists southbound on 34th Street S and turning left onto 54th Avenue S.

The problem was the timing of traffic lights at the left turn on 34th Street, at the 54th Avenue entrance to northbound Interstate 275 and, farther east, the intersection of 54th Avenue and 31st Street. A reader complained that the norm was to catch all three lights on red, which stacked up traffic back on 34th Street well beyond the confines of the double left-turn lanes.

The state and city roadies zipped right out to take a look and took the preliminary step of changing the timing on the 31st Street light so traffic didn't stack up back to the interstate entrance.

Then they planned to study the problem to determine what else, if anything, needed to be done.

So now, gentle readers, the ball is back in your court. Let me know if things are working out better, and I'll let the roadies know.

Together, by golly, we can fix anything.