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"I don't think you are allowed to shoot them, right?"

_ Former Hillsborough County Commissioner Phyllis Busansky's sardonic reaction to a proposal by Commissioner Jim Norman to deny health coverage to repeat criminals who are poor and seek treatment under the county's indigent health program.

"People haven't touched a chain saw in years or had to climb up on ladders or roofs. I think people are rusty."

_ St. Joseph's Hospital spokesman Will Darnell, commenting on the rash of storm-related injuries seen in emergency rooms after Hurricane Frances.

"I know the guys will get on me for this, but I remember him dancing naked in the shower. It wasn't a pretty sight . . . The first time I saw it, I was like, "Man, that's scary!' "

_ Tampa Bay Buc Shelton Quarles, recalling his most vivid memories of former teammate Warren Sapp.

"Jack, dear, please don't beg for your life. Don't scream. Don't cry. Just close your eyes tight and go to God."

_ Pauline "Pat" Fallon, thinking of the last moments of life for her son-in-law Jack Hensley, a civilian who had been abducted in Iraq and then was beheaded last week.