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Published Aug. 28, 2005

President U.S. Grant gets a multicolor make-over on the new $50 bill to be introduced today. Grant's image is freed from an oval frame and will appear before a stylized red, white and blue American-flag backdrop.


HIV/AIDS infection surges in Uganda

The rate of HIV/AIDS infection in northern Uganda is nearly double that in the rest of the country because of devastation caused by 18 years of civil war, an international aid group said Monday. The conflict has shattered the health care system, forced thousands to flee their homes and left scores of children infected by rebel abductors, according to a report released Monday by the Christian relief organization World Vision. Uganda's national rate of infection is estimated at 6.2 percent and declining, but the rate in northern Uganda is 11.9 percent and rising, the group said.

Church: Spanish gay marriage a "virus'

The Catholic Church blasted the government's plans to legalize gay marriage, saying Monday it would be like releasing a "virus" into Spanish society. The Cabinet is expected on Friday to pass a bill allowing same sex marriages, setting predominantly Roman Catholic Spain on course to join the vanguard of largely secular northern European countries that allow gay marriage or some version of it.

Japanese leader reshuffles Cabinet

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi reshuffled his Cabinet on Monday for the third time since taking power in 2001, trying to add momentum to his troubled reform agenda and lift his lagging popularity ratings. Some analysts, however, said the appointments signaled only that his grip on power appears to be slipping. Koizumi named 11 new ministers to his 17-member Cabinet. He retained his financial team of Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki, Trade Minister Shoichi Nakagawa and Economy Minister Heizo Takenaka.


Stewart assigned

prisoner number

Martha Stewart still does not know where she will do her time, but she has already been designated federal inmate No. 55170-054. The celebrity homemaker, who must begin serving her five-month prison sentence by Oct. 8, was assigned the number by federal marshals. Prison officials still must decide where Stewart will serve her time for lying about a stock sale. She has asked to be assigned to the minimum-security federal prison in Danbury, Conn., to make it easier for her 90-year-old mother to visit.