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Lord knows this isn't anything new.

Taping ankles before a Friday night football game in a cramped box full of nervous players.

And yet, that helps make this story special.

That's because since 1978, Steve Glickman, pictured left, has driven to Robinson High, where he shares the pregame meal, then begins taping the Knights. Since 1989, he hasn't missed a Friday night in the concrete box. Not one.

"1989?" said offensive tackle Mike Miller, who rehabbed for months last fall with Glickman after tearing his ACL. "My God, I was born in 1988."

Glickman, 57, chuckled. Quietly. Which is the way he seems to handle everything, even when it comes to rattling off his life story: Grew up in Philadelphia. Graduated from Philadelphia College in 1968 and then went to Vietnam. ... "Vietnam?" Miller asked. "Did you see combat?" "Yes," Glickman said, quietly. "I was in the field sometimes." ...

After his service in Vietnam he earned a degree in physical therapy from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1978 he came to Tampa with a friend, and while working at a sports medicine clinic, he began donating his time to Robinson.

Over the years he also helped organize a medical assistance team for the Gasparilla Distance Classic, worked with professional sports teams and started a "Back-To-School Physicals" program where doctors donate their services. More than 100 students attended Glickman's last clinic.

The one constant, between earning a paycheck as a physical therapist, has been volunteering for Robinson.

On any given Friday he'll tape 30 players. Thirty players who each use an average of 50 feet of tape, translating to 1,500 feet every Friday. Over a 10-game season that comes to 15,000 feet. Over Glickman's 25 years that stretches to 375,000 feet.

That's a little more than 70 miles.

And all that from a cramped concrete box inside Robinson High School.