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Gibbs: "Awful calls' sank Redskins

Apparently even a Hall of Fame coach doesn't get a break from the officials.

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs on Tuesday reviewed the tape of the previous night's loss to the Dallas Cowboys and determined he was on the wrong side of "two awful calls."

"I don't get focused on that stuff. It doesn't do any good to talk about it," Gibbs said. "But I'll tell you this _ you couldn't get anything farther from what should have been called in both cases. Both of them were touchdowns; both of them go against us."

Disputable calls that went both ways played a significant part in Dallas' 21-18 victory.

"You're frustrated. You're mad, and realize that in close games you need to have those things called correctly," Gibbs said. "I've been in it long enough to know that just doesn't happen sometimes, too. They miss a lot of stuff."

Gibbs was particularly unhappy with a first-quarter pass interference call on Walt Harris, who was grabbed first by Dallas receiver Terry Glenn. The 40-yard penalty gave Dallas the ball on the 1-yard line, and the Cowboys scored on the next play.

Then, in the fourth quarter, with Washington trailing 21-10, Rod Gardner just missed chasing down a long pass in the end zone with defensive back Terence Newman trailing.

Gibbs said both plays have been sent to the NFL office for review, the usual procedure for any calls that are questionable.

Gibbs didn't mention another call that went against the Redskins, a muffed punt jarred loose by Mike Sellers. The play was ruled down by contact.

Or, for that matter, an important call that went the Redskins' way: running back Clinton Portis not being ruled down by contact on a key third down even though his knee had clearly touched the ground.

Gibbs, however, said he has made his offense a bit too complex.

"I've got to simplify some things in there package-wise," Gibbs said. "We're trying to do too much."