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I see you have a pair of praying hands tattooed on your left forearm. Tell me about the other ones you have.

On my right wrist, it says "ninetynine boys," a group of friends back home in Dade City. They graduated in '99, and I didn't graduate until 2001. But since I hung with them, they let me do that. Another one says "One life to live," and that's how I try to live my life every day. The praying hands, I got that with my brothers, Michael and Maurice, same arm, same spot. On my neck, I have my mother's name, "Cheryl." I got that for her on her 45th birthday.

Another Pasco High receiver, Johnny Peyton, almost made a tremendous catch for his first career reception Saturday. How's he coming along?

He's coming along real well. He's going to get his hands on it, and it's going to be exciting. That catch Saturday, the ground caused it to come out, but it was an ESPN-type catch right there.

When the game went to overtime, did it help you guys to know you won three games in double overtime last year?

I had never played in overtime before, but I wasn't worried. When we went into overtime, I kind of felt we were going to win. We won three of them that way already, so it's second nature.

_ GREG AUMAN, Times staff writer