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Indian Rocks Christian running back Jimmy Davis led Pinellas County in rushing and scoring entering last week. But a helmet to his right ankle knocked the 6-foot-2, 195-pound senior out in the first quarter, and out of the county's statistical lead. On Tuesday he said he's doing better, and just to make sure, the Times went inside Davis' head.

Q: So how's the ankle?

J: Well, actually, it's doing a lot better. I got my X-rays Friday night and nothing's broken. It's a contusion to the right fibula. I like to say that, it's a fun word. I've been practicing on it. I haven't been going very hard in practice but Lord willing, I'll be going at full strength on Friday.

Q: I talked to coach (Chris Westerfield) and he doesn't think you're going to play Friday.

J: Well, I think that I could but that all depends on how I'll be feeling toward the end of the week, if I'm at full strength. I don't know if coach is going to want me to play even if I feel I'm able to play. But again, that's up to coach.

Q: Do you think you get discounted because you play for a small school?

J: I've got to think about that for a second not really. I realize that I go to a Christian school. I mean, I don't even play football for the attention. I play for the fun, because I love the sport. The attention isn't something that means that much to me.

Q: So what else is going on?

J: Football's like one of my main focuses right now, other than that my other focus is church. I'm in my youth group, I'm on this ministry team, Solid Rock. We do ministry at these different places, it's cool. And in my youth group I'm on this improv youth group that we do once a month.

Q: You do comedy on top of all that? You do stand-up or skits?

J: It's more like Whose Line is it Anyway? It's improv, we make it up on the spot. It's a lot of fun. It's cool. I'm also in this thing, I might be on a (live action) children's television show, Racecar Timmy. It's about this championship racecar driver and he loses his lucky helmet and he has to find it. We're hoping to get it bought by NBC or something like that.

Q: You're going to run down Blues Clues? How did this start?

J: A couple of the producers came up to me and asked me if I would be interested and I said yes and they asked me to ask a couple of my friends. My friend Christopher Hawley is in it. Right now we're making the pilot episode and we're going to send it out to some people. We've already got a Web site (

Q: So what are you doing, producing, directing, writing? Or are you Timmy?

J: I'm actually one of the cast members. I'm not Timmy. Chris is Timmy. I'm his best friend/mechanic Skid. I was going to be Skid Marks but they decided to take the last name off for skeptics.

Q: Okay. Maybe we should talk about something else now.

_ JAMAL THALJI, Times staff writer