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Puddings that aren't for dessert only

Mark Higgins requested two English recipes, one for suet (pronounced SOO-it) pudding with a carrot gravy and the other for Yorkshire pudding.

Both are recipes from England.

Betty Erdmann says her grandmother was a great cook who made suet pudding often, usually during the holidays. Suet is the solid white fat found around the kidneys and loins of beef, sheep and other animals. It is used to lend a sweetness to pastries, puddings and stuffings.

Suet is not an ingredient that is readily available, but if you call Whaley's Market at 533 S Howard Ave. in Tampa at (813) 254-2904 the day before you want it, they'll get it for you. Local butcher shops and grocery stores may also be able to special order suet if they don't stock it.

Gene Groner and Patricia Ritacco share a recipe for Yorkshire pudding, which traditionally is served with a beef roast; that's because the cook needs the pan drippings from the roast to make the recipe.

Frank Kilfoyle wanted a recipe for Philadelphia pepper pot soup, something his mother made when he was a boy. Irene Ulm's version comes from the 1959 Duncan Hines' Adventures in Good Cooking. Rhoda Gridley's recipe includes dumplings.

Coincidentally, the dumplings are made with suet.

For: Mark Higgins of Clearwater.

From: Betty Erdmann of Tampa.

Recipe: English Suet Pudding.

English Suet Pudding

1 cup suet, chopped

2 cups flour

\ teaspoon salt


Mix suet with flour and salt in a bowl with enough water to make a dough you can handle. Roll dough in a well-floured white cloth and pin to fasten cloth. Have a pot of boiling water (enough to cover pudding) ready. Carefully drop cloth with pudding into boiling water and boil for 1{ hours on medium heat. When done, remove carefully onto platter and remove cloth. Can be served as an entree or dessert.

For an entree: Prepare one package of onion gravy mix according to package directions. When it is the consistency of gravy, stir in a can of sliced carrots. Serve over suet pudding.

For dessert: Slice and serve with syrup or jam of any flavor or brown sugar.

For: Mark Higgins of Clearwater.

From: Gene Groner of St. Petersburg and Patricia Ritacco of New Port Richey.

Recipe: Yorkshire Pudding.

Yorkshire Pudding

1 cup all-purpose flour

{ teaspoon salt

1 cup milk

2 eggs

Mix all ingredients with hand beater just until smooth.

Thirty minutes before rib roast or boneless rib roast is done, prepare Yorkshire pudding. Heat a square 9- by 9- by 2-inch pan in the oven. Remove roast from oven. Spoon off drippings and add melted shortening, if needed, to measure { cup.

Increase oven temperature to 425 degrees and return roast to oven.

Place hot drippings in heated square pan. Pour in Yorkshire pudding batter. Bake 10 minutes. Remove roast from oven and continue baking pudding 25 to 30 minutes longer. Cut pudding into squares and serve with roast.

Makes 6 to 8 servings.

For: Frank Kilfoyle of Port Richey.

From: Irene Ulm of Pinellas Park.

Recipe: Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup.

Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup

1 onion

1 green pepper

2 leeks

{ cup celery

4 tablespoon butter

3 tablespoons flour

5 cups veal broth

\ pound cooked tripe, diced

3 cups diced potatoes

Pinch crushed black pepper

Pinch cayenne pepper

Pinch sweet marjoram

Pinch thyme

1 tablespoon parsley, chopped

Salt to taste

Dice vegetables and saute all vegetables, except potatoes, in butter. Add flour and stir to mix. Slowly add the veal broth and stir constantly. Add tripe and let mixture come to a boil. Add potatoes and seasonings and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10 to 15 minutes. Serve hot.

Serves 6 to 8.

For: Frank Kilfoyle of Port Richey.

From: Rhoda Gridley of Dunedin.

Recipe: Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup II.

Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup II

2 pounds honeycomb tripe

2 pounds plain tripe

1 knuckle veal

1 large onion, chopped

1 bay leaf

4 medium potatoes

1 bunch potted herbs


Cayenne pepper

1 recipe for Pepper Pot Dumplings (follows)

1 tablespoon parsley, chopped

Cook tripe the day before using. Wash thoroughly, place in kettle and cover with water. Boil 8 hours. Drain. When cooled, cut into pieces about {-inch square. The next day wash veal knuckle, cover with 3 quarts of cold water, and simmer about 3 hours. Remove meat from bones and cut into small pieces. Strain broth and return to kettle. Add onion and bay leaf and simmer about 1 hour. Add peeled and cubed potatoes and herbs. Add meat and tripe and season with salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Prepare dumplings, flour well to prevent sticking and drop into hot soup. Cook about 10 minutes, add chopped parsley and serve immediately.

Serves 10.

Dumplings for Pepper Pot Soup

1 cup finely chopped suet

2 cups sifted flour

\ teaspoon salt


Combine suet, flour, salt and enough water to make stiff dough. Roll into dumplings about the size of marbles. Cook as described above.

Makes about 24 dumplings.

Recipe requests

Rosemary Loumiet enjoyed the calamondin recipes recently published but is specifically looking for a recipe for calamondin cake. On a recent trip to Cross Creek she was told that Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings made a great tasting cake using calamondins from her tree. She was also told that the recipe was in Rawlings' cookbook, but Rosemary can't find it.

Karen Doyle is looking for a recipe for cornmeal mush. Her mother used to fry it and then she ate it with peanut butter.

A recipe for lemon poppy seed muffins with a sugar or streusel topping is the recipe Jessica Rumpf wants to make for her husband and daughter.

Stephen Maxwell loves muffins and is tired of making them from boxed mixes. He would like to make his own fresh and would love recipes with fall flavors such as apple and pumpkin.

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