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Martha's new estate

Millionaire celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart had hoped to spend her prison time closer to her family and attorneys or in Florida, but instead will be incarcerated at a remote West Virginia prison camp.

Stewart, convicted in March of lying to investigators about a stock sale, had asked to serve her five-month prison term in Danbury, Conn., close to her 90-year-old mother and her home in Westport. But a source familiar with the government's decision told the Associated Press Federal Prison Camp Alderson was selected because it was more remote and less accessible to the media than Danbury or Stewart's second choice of Coleman. Those prisons also had more serious overcrowding issues. The Coleman prison, for example, is crowded with inmates moved from other Florida prisons because of the recent hurricanes.

Stewart, 63, who must report to Alderson by 2 p.m. Oct. 8. "I look forward to getting this behind me and to vigorously pursuing my appeal."


WHERE: Alderson, W.Va.

WHEN OPENED?: 1927. It was the first U.S. federal prison camp for women.

SIZE: 105 acres.

SECURITY: Minimum.

INMATES: 1,055 women.

OFFENSES: Most serving time for drug-related crimes.

ROOMS: Nine large dormitory-style rooms house between 26 and 90 inmates per room. No individual cells.

PERSONAL ITEMS ALLOWED: Single pair of earrings worth less than $100, a Social Security card, a limited amount of cash and a religious item approved by the warden.


LIGHTS OUT: 8:45 p.m. weekdays, later on weekends.

JOBS: Grounds maintenance, sanitation and food services.

COMPENSATION: Inmates earn 12 to 40 cents an hour.

FAMOUS INMATES: Jazz singer Billie Holiday (drugs); Iva Toguri ("Tokyo Rose" propaganda broadcasts during World War II); Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme and Sara Jane Moore (trying to kill President Gerald Ford). Fromme escaped in 1987 and was moved to a facility in Lexington, Ky.

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