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Political protest from Anti-Flag

Published Aug. 28, 2005

Political punk band Anti-Flag returns to the Tampa Bay area to headline the Punkvoter's Rock Against Bush tour. From Pittsburgh, the quartet trucks in the sort of antifascist tunes of its old-school idols the UK Subs and the Exploited. The band is pretty much against any kind of ism out there; hence, its name.

The Terror State (2003) is the band's latest and most fervent protest record, taking aim squarely at the Bush administration. Frontman Justin Sane rants that Bush is a war-hungry demon on Turncoat, and later reconstructs a Woody Guthrie tune to deride our leader on Death of a Nation.

And you thought political punk went out of style after the Clash?

Joining Anti-Flag on Sunday are fellow punks Midtown, Strike Anywhere, the AKAs and Mike Park.

The Punkvoter's Rock Against Bush concert kicks off at 6 p.m. Sunday at the Masquerade, 1503 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City. $14. (813) 287-8844 or (727) 898-2100 or (813) 247-3319.

_ GINA VIVINETTO, Times pop music critic