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Postponement puts city meet right on time

The postponed St. Petersburg City Championships are back on today, right on schedule.

Confused? Bear with us a minute.

Lakewood coach Royston Dillonsaid he originally scheduled the City Championships for Sept. 30, today. But when the county's master schedule came out, the meet was listed on Sept. 28, Tuesday.

But Dillon didn't mind.

"So I went ahead and scheduled it for the 28th," he said.

Then came Hurricane Jeanne.

Schools were closed Monday and Tuesday, and that went for extracurricular activities, too. So the City Championships were postponed. But Dillon said they're back on today at Crescent Lake Park, as scheduled.

"We decided to go ahead with it because we don't have much time to make it up because each week (from now on) we'll have a meet," Dillon said. "The kids are a little antsy and the coaches also want to let the kids run in a competitive race."

Admiral Farragut, Boca Ciega, Canterbury, Dixie Hollins, Gibbs, Keswick Christian, Lakewood, Northeast, Shorecrest, St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Catholic will be there. The varsity girls race at 5 p.m., the boys at 5:30.

IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH : Another sign that cross country is starting to rebound from the weather is the Tri-City meet also will be held today at Clearwater's Crest Lake Park.

There's also a new addition to the schedule: the Oct. 6 Dunedin Invitational.

The race, postponed since Sept. 8, will be run at Dunedin's Highland Park and Falcons coach Brendan Callahan expects most of the north county schools and some southern schools to attend. Because of that, the Oct. 7 East Lake meet at John S. Chesnut Sr. Park won't be held.

_ JAMAL THALJI, Times staff writer