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1. "There were all these belly-button girls requesting songs."

a) Christina Aguilera, freaked out by running into Christina clones at a restaurant.

b) Barry Manilow, amused by audience members at an Oprah taping he thought were too young to know his songs.

c) Britney Spears, annoyed that proper respect wasn't shown her wedding reception at a Los Angeles nightclub.

2. "Follow your heart, trust your instincts, trust yourself. And always wear clean underwear."

a) Allison Janney, best dramatic actress Emmy winner, repeating the best advice she has ever received.

b) Dolly Neely, the second Survivor: Vanuatu evictee, on what she learned during her time on the show.

c) Donald Trump, saying that the Apprentice contestants don't understand that it's really very easy to be a mogul.

3. "At that point, I was just hanging out at my place all day, playing Grand Theft Auto III. I was waiting for the phone I didn't have to ring."

a) Jennifer Lopez, on the hard times after breaking up with Ben Affleck.

b) Jesse L. Martin, Law & Order's Detective Green, on his depression after onscreen partner Jerry Orbach announced he was leaving the show.

c) Dominic Monaghan, Merry in The Lord of the Rings, on unemployment after he finished filming the trilogy.

4. "I found myself moving into a direction of thinking about and contemplating pain, not just psychological pain, but all pain, all kinds, all those that have an effect on everyone."

a) Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day's prime songwriter, getting a little too deep about the group's new album, American Idiot.

b) Midori, star violinist, who thankfully is nearly finished with her master's thesis on pain at New York University.

c) Martha Stewart, getting introspective facing her Oct. 8 deadline to report to prison.

5. "I still somehow feel like I should be (carrying) a little hand towel and a tray, asking (the other nominees), "Can I freshen your drink?' "

a) Keith Urban, having a hard time processing his Country Music Association Award nomination.

b) James Spader, having a hard time processing his best dramatic actor Emmy win.

c) Ray Romano, having a hard time processing his show's not winning any major Emmy Awards.

6. "Not in England because we manage to look like people and have big (rear ends) and still get a job."

a) Imelda Staunton, award-winning 48-year-old British actor, asked if there were a limited number of roles for women over 35.

b) Emma Thompson, going for a witty reply after being asked if losing an Emmy to Meryl Streep was a blow to her career.

c) Helen Mirren, asked if losing an Emmy to Meryl Streep and being 59 means she's thinking of retiring.

7. "I told him it was a social microcosm. He replied, "My God, I thought it was a comedy.' "

a) Sarah Jessica Parker, remembering early efforts to discuss Sex and the City with husband Matthew Broderick.

b) Sherwood Schwartz, Gilligan's Island creator, remembering the day he pitched the idea to CBS founder William Paley.

c) Bernie Mac, remembering a chat with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner about his baseball movie Mr. 3000.

8. "If being a sex symbol means you have lots of sex, then I am glad to be a sex symbol. But in real life, I'm not. That doesn't happen."

a) Sharon Stone, giving way too much information.

b) Usher, trying to be humble.

c) Diego Luna, sex symbol.

9. "Let me think of how to word this: Watching the culture of celebrity dictate the jobs that actors will have, as opposed to talent."

a) Blair Underwood, responding to the question "What has been your biggest frustration as an actor?"

b) Heather Locklear, Underwood's co-star in the NBC series LAX, obliviously answering the same question.

c) Meryl Streep, asked how she views the acting profession today.

ANSWERS: 1,b; 2,a; 3,c; 4,b; 5,a; 6,a; 7,b; 8,c; 9,a.

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