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Jazz society favorite returns

The Citrus Jazz Society will feature Eddie Graham and his All-Stars making a return appearance at Sunday's concert.

Graham was a founding member of the 21-piece Monterey Peninsula Jazz Orchestra in Carmel, Calif., and is the current drummer for the 42nd Street Band.

He last played before the jazz society in February.

"People love him," said Virgil Price, a jazz society member.

"He puts on quite a show and one of the highlights of his performance is the number where practically every item in the room becomes a music maker for his drumsticks _ tables, chairs, glasses, cups, bottles and dishes."

Price said the 300-member jazz society has listed Graham as one of their favorite performers, and this is the main reason he is returning.

Price is one of the founding members of the jazz society, which formed in 1989.

The usual jam session by members of the jazz society will not be held Sunday due to the Graham concert, Price said.

Graham has accompanied stars such as Sammy Davis Jr., Rich Little and Earl "Fatha" Hines. His All-Stars Band will play mostly big band and swing music, Price said.

Among his many albums is a 1970 live show with Elvis Presley at the International Hotel in Las Vegas which featured Graham on percussion.

"I grew up between big band and bebop eras so I'm well versed in those traditional styles with an affinity for New Orleans jazz," Graham said.

The Tampa resident is also a clinician for Camco and Slingerland drums.

The concert will begin at 1:30 p.m. Sunday in the Hampton Room of the Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club (formerly Andre's Restaurant), 505 E Hartford St., Citrus Hills.

Due to to extra expense of hiring the band, a $5 charge for members and a $10 charge for nonmembers will be collected at the door.

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