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Josh Ortiz / Nature Coast Tech Reciever

Josh Ortiz was one of the Sharks' few beams of light in an otherwise bleak 55-26 loss to North Port last week. He pulled in touchdown passes of 19, 23 and 13 yards, despite getting pretty banged up in the process (ask to see his nasty ankle bruise). He's hoping to go back for more against Naples Golden Gate tonight. After running some laps after practice Wednesday, the sophomore went one-on-one with staff writer Emily Nipps.

Where are you from?

I'm 100 percent Puerto Rican. I was born in Nyack, New York. I have no idea how to spell that. Then I lived in the Bronx, to Broward County when I was between 7 and 8. Then to Spring Hill.

Do you speak Spanish?

No, I don't speak it. I understand it. My mom and grandma speak Spanish to me sometimes, but mostly they all talk to me in English. I can read Spanish, and I know it in my head, but when it comes out of my mouth, it goes blubble-bluh-bluh.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?