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Published Aug. 28, 2005

Phillip Fulmer was a hot target when he bowed out of attending SEC Media Days before the season. No doubt he'll be in for more of the same this week as the Tide's venom rolls.

Phil Fulmer takes

easy way out

July 28, By Will Nevin, editorial, in the Crimson White (Alabama's student paper)

Fulmer has to show his ugly mug in this state some time, and we hope the jeers that will greet him are ferocious. The man has proven, without a doubt, that he is shady in everything that he does, and this latest act (no-show at SEC Media Days) is a black mark for all of college football.

Fulmer has the look of a man that's trying to prove himself bigger than the game, bigger than the conference and bigger than the historic rivalry that he should count himself lucky to be a part of.

Gallion goes over edge to suggest no UT-Tide game

Aug. 2, By Kevin Scarbinsky, columnist, Birmingham News

It's hard to have a rivalry with any intensity when one team has won eight of the last nine, but Fulmer's obsession with Alabama has fanned the flames. Why would a coach go to such lengths to dig up and throw dirt on a program he's buried on the field? People asked a similar question about Nixon and Watergate.

Of course, back in the spring and summer of 2000, when Fulmer was getting cozy with an NCAA investigator and a secret witness, Alabama was coming off an SEC title. Alabama hasn't won another one since. But neither has Tennessee.

What is Phillip Fulmer

so afraid of?

July 27, Kevin Scarbinsky, columnist, Birmingham News

It's bad enough that Fulmer has opted to be a no-show and Tennessee's president and athletics director have supported his cowardly decision. You know what the Vols must say. Never send your coach to do a man's job. When the going gets tough, the coach ain't coming. Fulmer wasn't the only SEC coach who believed the Crimson Tide was dirty. Steve Spurrier thought so, too. But the Ol' Ball Coach didn't spill his guts to an NCAA detective or have a secret meeting with a secret witness. What did Spurrier do? He wrote a letter to Mike DuBose, the Alabama coach at the time, and told him to stop cheating or else. It's easy to stab someone in the back. It takes guts to poke him in the eye.

_ Compiled by Times staff writer Traci Johnson.