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Out with Christmas requests? Not so fast

Happy new year, friends; join in raising a cup of breakfast coffee in a toast to a healthful, prosperous 2005 for all. May it be a year in which every quest is rewarded. And even if things don't work out perfectly, rest assured that it won't be because REX readers and staff weren't trying!

Now, about Christmas. Not the one just past: the 2005 edition. Don't groan; we know the topic of Christmas comes up pretty frequently here, what with all our crafters, and it is unusually early in the year to mention it, but Virginia Sharkey of Largo needs to strike while memories of the holiday are fresh.

She intended to give away an artificial Christmas tree complete with lights and decorations, but the person who was going to pick it up never showed. Obviously, since it's the first day of the new year, these items can't be used this season, but think ahead! The things will have to be picked up because Virginia has no way to deliver them. Please call her at (727) 392-4492 if you are interested.

And don't forget, by the way, to send us your name and address if you wish to receive used Christmas cards from 2004's batch. We'll be accepting requests until Jan. 8, then printing the list in the Jan. 15 column.

With that, we assure you that Christmas will not be mentioned again in Reader Exchange until July, when crafters go into high gear on their holiday projects.

Dorothy Baerenrodt of Holiday offers entertainment for both ears and eyes in the form of 45- and 33-rpm records _ gospel, Lawrence Welk and Mitch Miller _ and magazines _ Reader's Digest and National Geographic. She also would appreciate addresses of folks in military service to whom she can send magazines. Dorothy's number is (727) 937-7637.

Mickey Jones of South Pasadena also needs an address for an organization that repairs toys and gives them to children at Christmas. (Oooops; just a wee mention in passing.) Mickey would like to donate a 26-inch Schwinn Cruiser men's bike and a 24-inch Murray ladies' bike.

St. Petersburg's Christmas Toy Shop at 550 16th St. N is one group that does this work. If you know of others, please notify Mickey at (727) 345-4948.

The staff didn't realize that the foil seals on containers of Folger's coffee have vouchers for a free 10-minute phone call until Georg-Anne Gargaliatsis of Hudson dropped us a line. Georg-Anne wonders if any group collects these vouchers to send to U.S. troops overseas. If you can answer her question, Georg-Anne may be reached at

Artist Carol Sackman needs felt banners in any condition. Please call (727) 736-4036.

Barb Ennis wants to find someone with extra order blanks for free catalogs from Friskies cat food. She has been saving UPCs all year, but now she can't find her order forms. Please call (727) 588-2446 if you can help.

Harriet Mettge of Weeki Wachee has a novel idea: well, new to this column, at least. She is looking for another square dancer with the same problem she has, and she is proposing that they swap dancing shoes. Her two pairs of shoes, one pair white, one pair black with silver flecks, are dressy, in good condition, have 1{-inch heels and fit a size 8 narrow foot. But Harriet's size 8 narrow foot needs shoes with half-inch heels. Dancers from around Brooksville, Spring Hill and Weeki Wachee would be the most conveniently located for Harriet's big shoe switch. Please dance over to the phone and call (352) 596-9843.

Eva Kapulka of Hudson is searching for a typewriter that was manufactured approximately 25 or 30 years ago. It is an Adler electric portable typewriter, the Satellite 2001 model, and it must have elite type. Eva may be reached at (727) 868-1445.

Scott Bravard of St. Petersburg is doing research for a book on the year 1969 in U.S. history and would like to have periodicals published that year. Particularly useful are national news publications _ magazines such as Time and Newsweek and newspapers _ as well as local publications from 1969. Please call Scott at (727) 563-2040 or e-mail The staff's contribution: Don't forget to include Woodstock, Scott!

Here's some good news for the folks in Exchange Land who don't have enough photo slide trays for their slide projector. Lois Jolley of Pinellas Park has six trays, each containing 40 U-shaped metal slide holders, that may come in handy. If so, please call Lois during the early evening at (727) 544-8947.

Send requests to Reader Exchange, Floridian, St. Petersburg Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail Requests will be accepted only by mail or e-mail. This is an exchange column, so we will not run items that are for sale. Readers must agree to publication of phone numbers, including area code.