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ALL MY CHILDREN: Father Clarence managed to keep JR from driving off with Miranda long enough to allow Erica and Jack to arrive and take the baby from him. Later, at the hospital, where Bianca's condition continued to worsen, Tad told her family and friends that Bess is actually Miranda, Bianca's supposedly dead daughter. Watch for: Maria spurns Zach.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: As Dusty risked his life to save her, Lucy turned to Rafi for comfort. Barbara's plans threatened to unravel. Holden and Julia rang in the New Year together, with Lily nowhere in sight. Watch for: Time begins to run out for Emily and Paul in their search for evidence against Barbara.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge asked Bridget why she hadn't yet told Brooke about calling off her engagement with Oscar. Deacon insisted it was time he and Jackie announced their relationship to everyone. Watch for: Amber reaches a crucial decision about Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Billie said Georgia was calling out to her, and she had to leave town to search for her daughter. Bo, who was suffering an infection from his impalement wound, begged her not to go. A mystery man gave Philip an envelope. Watch for: Belle and Philip wed.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny was angry about Carly's decision to take an apartment in Steven's building and refused to allow her to bring Michael and Morgan with her. After Brook Lynn told Courtney that Diego felt Alcazar might be his father, Courtney arranged to have a secret DNA test done with a sample of Alcazar's blood and a strand of Diego's hair _ and the results proved Diego was right. Watch for: Sam faces her worst fear.

GUIDING LIGHT: Gus and Harley's intimate moment was suddenly shattered. Alan wondered about Beth's strange behavior. Believing he was approaching the end, Danny wanted one last conversation with his son. Watch for: Cassie and Reva's relationship is threatened by Jonathan's antics.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Fearing he might die in the cabin, Margaret brought a seriously ill Todd to the clinic. Duke, who resented the fact that Kevin was now fighting to keep Ace (James) but had never tried to fight for him before, refused to tell him about the baby's parents. Watch for: Bo arrests a suspect in Paul's murder.

PASSIONS: After overhearing TC propose to Liz, Eve's emotions overwhelmed her, and she vowed to kill her sister for turning her children against her. Liz vowed she'd see that Eve lost her medical license. Rebecca prepared to poison Eve in an attempt to get her husband (Julian) back. Gwen, Theresa and Ethan learned the results of the DNA test done to determine who the baby's mother is. Watch for: The killer strikes.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: J.T. asked Brad for help in arranging a surprise birthday party for Colleen. Bobby confronted Nikki after Victor told him she accidentally shot his (Bobby's) brother Josh when she was a child. Watch for: Shocking revelations mark the New Year.

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