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Bucs at Cardinals, 4, Ch. 13

LINE: Cardinals by 3. O/U: 38

COMMENT: Past pride, present pride, future pride is at stake

MILLS' PICK: Cardinals 20, Bucs 19

NICHOLAS' PICK: Bucs 18, Cardinals 10

Dolphins at Ravens, 1

LINE: Ravens by 11. O/U: 34

COMMENT: The Dolphins can end a rough season on a high note. But won't.

MILLS' PICK: Ravens 19, Dolphins 17

NICHOLAS' PICK: Ravens 24, Dolphins 12

Jets at Rams, 1, Ch. 10

LINE: Jets by 3{. O/U: 43

COMMENT: The Rams have done it with smoke and mirrors. Not today.

MILLS' PICK: Jets 20, Rams 19

NICHOLAS' PICK: Jets 22, Rams 14

Lions at Titans, 1

LINE: Lions by 2{. O/U: 45{

COMMENT: It's been a year both would like to forget.

MILLS' PICK: Titans 19, Lions 10

NICHOLAS' PICK: Titans 14, Lions 7

Packers at Bears, 1

LINE: Bears by 3. O/U: 34

COMMENT: Brett Favre will warm up at the expense of the Bears.

MILLS' PICK: Packers 23, Bears 20

NICHOLAS' PICK: Packers 24, Bears 10

Browns at Texans, 1

LINE: Texans by 9. O/U: 40

COMMENT: The Texans establish today what they have planned for next year

MILLS' PICK: Texans 22, Browns 10

NICHOLAS' PICK: Browns 22, Texans 19

Vikings at Redskins, 1

LINE: Vikings by 4. O/U: 41

COMMENT: Last game heartbreak doesn't come twice for the Vikings.

MILLS' PICK: Vikings 28, Redskins 20

NICHOLAS' PICK: Vikings 25, Redskins 19

Steelers at Bills, 1

LINE: Bills by 9. O/U: 33{

COMMENT: Even without Big Ben, the glory ride is over for the Bills

MILLS' PICK: Steelers 17, Bills 15

NICHOLAS' PICK: Steelers 19, Bills 13

Saints at Panthers, 1

LINE: Panthers by 7{. O/U: 46

COMMENT: The Panthers prove their will to win, again.

MILLS' PICK: Panthers 24, Saints 10

NICHOLAS' PICK: Panthers 20, Saints 6

49ers at Patriots, 1

LINE: Patriots by 13{. O/U: 37

COMMENT: Even if they bench the first team, this just doesn't seem fair.

MILLS' PICK: Patriots 30, 49ers 10

NICHOLAS' PICK: Patriots 20, 49ers 10

Bengals at Eagles, 1

LINE: Bengals by 3. O/U: 39

COMMENT: They may rest Donovan McNabb, but the Eagles still win easily.

MILLS' PICK: Eagles 20, Bengals 19

NICHOLAS' PICK: Eagles 25, Bengals 13

Falcons at Seahawks, 4

LINE: Seahawks by 6. O/U: 42{

COMMENT: The Falcons have nothing to gain. Not so for the Seahawks.

MILLS' PICK: Seahawks 22, Falcons 20

NICHOLAS' PICK: Seahawks 22, Falcons 13

Colts at Broncos, 4:15, Ch. 10

LINE: Broncos by 8{. O/U: 45

COMMENT: It means more to the Broncos than the Colts.

MILLS' PICK: Broncos 24, Colts 21

NICHOLAS' PICK: Colts 32, Broncos 24

Chiefs at Chargers, 4:15

LINE: Chiefs by 3{. O/U: 52

COMMENT: The Chargers get busy for three quarters, then shut it down.

MILLS' PICK: Chargers 30, Chiefs 28

NICHOLAS' PICK: Chargers 22, Chiefs 10

Jaguars at Raiders, 4:15

LINE: Jaguars by 1. O/U: 44

COMMENT: Jaguars take out last week's frustrations on Raiders.

MILLS' PICK: Raiders 24, Jaguars 12

NICHOLAS' PICK: Jaguars 19, Raiders 6

Cowboys at Giants, 8:30, ESPN

LINE: Giants by 3. O/U: 37{

COMMENT: For one night, big splash in the Big Apple. That's about it.

MILLS' PICK: Giants 21, Cowboys 20

NICHOLAS' PICK: Cowboys 26, Giants 9


The NFL includes tie games in its playoff scenarios. The league, however, began using overtime in 1974 and since then there have been only 16 ties out of the 375 regular-season games that went to overtime.