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Resolution: Keep thoughts in check

It's that time of the year, and everyone is making New Year's resolutions that they probably won't keep. Most people resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking or walk more. This year I am doing something unprecedented. I'm making a New Year's resolution. I resolve to quit thinking.

It seems that my little brain is going all the time. I think about important matters like, "Why do shoes have a right and a left foot, but not socks?" When my cat thinks, and I know it does, does it think in pictures, words or meows? Will it really matter if I don't make my bed just one day? Why do men think they have to have control of the TV remote?

If all those prescription drugs they advertise on TV have so many bad side effects, why take them? If the world is round, just where is the top of the world? Where does my tan go when it disappears?

Now, the other day I was thinking about wars. I thought if the whole world outlawed any kind of weapons, knives, guns, missiles, bombs, rocks, etc., and armies had to fight with their fists, would wars stop altogether? I can't imagine grown men fighting for long if the only thing they had to fight with were their fists! What a great idea! It is a simple solution to a terrible problem.

As you can see, thinking is my downfall. I have always believed that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff, but then again, I have a simple mind. One of my students, a very good artist, once asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him, "peace of mind." He came to class the next day with a picture of a brain he had drawn. One piece of it was cut out and was lying on a plate. After much laughter, I thanked him and told him that was the greatest birthday present I had ever received.

At any rate, this year I am going to try and think less. I'll probably sleep better and I won't have to wonder about things so much. I have never known a time when my brain wasn't thinking. What a delight it will be! As for you, resolve anything you want, but try and stick with it. I will. I hope I succeed!

Thought for the day: If a water moccasin bites itself, will it get sick?

Happy New Year!