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'Cause no one says it quite like Bucs defensive end Simeon Rice.

"Who cares? There's nothing really exciting to talk about at this point."


Anthony Davis, left tackle

Davis, a second-year player from Virginia Tech, could play today for the first time since the season opener. Inactive for 13 of the past 14 games, Davis has impressed coaches.

What's the biggest thing you learned this season?

Just being smart. I've always had it from the neck down but from the neck up that was my biggest question coming out of college. Now I think I'm ready and if I do play, that's wonderful, but if I don't it still was a good season for me because I'm still learning.

What have you learned from 13-year pro Derrick Deese?

Everything. He's even teaching me how to handle not playing. Whether I think I should be playing or not, he tells me to fall back and watch what he does. It's a chance to learn. Thirteen years at left tackle, that's huge.

Are you ready for a starting job next season?

It depends on how my spring goes. I could go to right tackle or could be at left guard or right guard. I can't base 2005 off what I did this year. We'll see what I do in the spring. I'm going home for a couple weeks and coming right back to get started.


Quarterback Chris Simms

"I probably need to slow down my driving. I've got road rage. I'm bad on the highways. Sometimes I leave One Buc at 5:30 and I can't get down West Shore (Boulevard) because the lights are backing everybody up. I've got to stop that right there."

Defensive end Greg Spires

"My New Year's resolution _ I'm serious, I was talking to my wife about it _ is to start my workout earlier. Last year, I took my whole two months off and didn't do anything. This year, I want to join a gym and start a little earlier. When we start working out again, strength coach Garrett Giemont is full speed the first day. It's like, "Ow, Ah.' I don't want to be like that the first day. So I'm going to take a couple weeks off and get back in the gym. That's my New Year's resolution."

Guard Cosey Coleman

"I'm 26 years old and my New Year's resolution would be to be more consistent with my responsibilities. Nothing to do with football, just my personal life, my responsibilities to my son and my family. My son will be 3 in February. That's my priority in my life, my son and my family; that's my world. My resolution is to have my priorities in order and take care of responsibilities."

Defensive end Dewayne White

"Just to be a better person. How are you going to become a better person? Follow the Bible, the Ten Commandments. That's all you've got to do. That's my resolution."

Cornerback Ronde Barber

"Um, win more football games. How's that?"


Where do we start with this warm-weather pipeline? Rice and running back Michael Pittman were drafted by and played with the Cardinals before joining the Bucs. St. Petersburg native and quarterback Shaun King played for the Bucs before joining the Cardinals. But safety Dexter Jackson tops them all: He was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXVII with the Bucs before joining the Cardinals, then rejoined the Bucs in November.


The Bucs are ranked fifth in total defense with 288.7 yards allowed per game and will look to finish among the league's top 10 for the eighth straight season. Here is a look at the streak:

Year Rank Yards

2003 5th 279.1

2002 1st 252.8

2001 6th 290.8

2000 9th 300.0

1999 3rd 267.5

1998 2nd 271.6

1997 3rd 289.1


"I realize this isn't Super Bowl XXXIX, but it is to me." _ Bucs coach Jon Gruden on today's game

_ JOANNE KORTH, Times staff writer