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New Year's resolutions for smart consumers

In Thursday's column we took a look at some ways you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud by learning to spot red flags. Today, we want to share some other things you can do to protect yourself and become a more savvy consumer. It's not that we want to put ourselves out of work _ unresponsive businesses, misunderstandings, schemes and scams will always be around _ but if you pay attention to the following, you just may avoid needing our services.

Here, then, are Action's New Year resolutions:

+ When sending for rebates, I will follow the instructions to the letter and make copies of everything I send in.

+ When ordering anything by mail, I will check out the company first. I will pay by credit card so I have recourse if something goes wrong.

+ I will not fall prey to offers that sound too good to be true, since they probably are.

+ I will not fall for any work-at-home schemes _ after all, no one gets rich stuffing envelopes.

+ I will sign up on the national do-not-call registry (online at or by calling toll-free 1-888-382-1222).

+ I won't sign any contract or agreement before reading it in its entirety, including the fine print. In fact, I'll get another friend or relative to read it, too.

+ When dealing with home improvement contractors, I will get at least three estimates in writing. I will check licenses with my county's construction licensing board and complaints with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

+ I will not deal with any service people or contractors who solicit my business by knocking at my door. Instead, I will ask friends for references.

+ I will get a copy of my credit report regularly so I can make sure the information is correct and that I have not fallen victim to identity theft. (Note that beginning in June, the three major credit bureaus _ Experian (toll-free 1-888-397-3742), Equifax (toll-free 1-800-685-1111) and TransUnion (toll-free 1-800-888-4213) _ must furnish one report per year to Florida residents for free.)

+ I will go over my bank and credit card statements as soon as I receive them and take care of any inaccuracies immediately.

+ I will not let myself become an easy target for criminals. I will lock my doors _ home and car _ at all times, park in well-lighted places, never carry more cash or credit cards than I need and stay alert to what's going on around me.

+ I will personally call my health insurance company to make sure I am covered before seeing a new doctor or having a medical procedure performed.

+ I will never take part in international lotteries. Nor will I be tempted to help a member of the government of any African nation secure the transfer of millions of dollars in exchange for a few of mine.

+ I will be very careful to whom I give out personal or financial information. I will not take the bait of the many "phishing" scams on the Internet, regardless of who appears to be making the request.

+ I will not wander into a car dealership and leave in a new car, thinking I have three days to change my mind. It turns out I don't!

+ I will buy a used car only after having it checked out by a professional, objective mechanic.

+ I will think twice before buying extended warranties. Instead, I will put the money in a repair fund I may never need.

+ I will find out what a store's return or refund policy is before doing business with it.

+ I will avoid buyer's remorse by shopping around and comparing prices.

+ I will get all oral promises in writing.

+ When I encounter shoddy products or service, I won't just whine. I'll vote with my wallet and tell all my friends.

+ I will treat customer service representatives with the same courtesy I would use with my mother.

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