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Of the thousands of images Times photojournalists take every year, the most successful ones have a lasting quality. We hope you enjoy a second look at this collection of our 2004 favorites.

"In this Sept. 24 portrait, Theresa Warmke, 40, holds the hands of her toddler son, Derek. While four patients from Warmke's Dynamic Seniors Day Care Center were photographed holding things that link them to their past, Theresa holds one of the things that links her to her future."


"I chose this photo as my favorite of 2004 because I think it is a classic slice of Americana. Part of the experience of going to the drive-in is being able to sit out and watch the sun go down while waiting for the movie to start. The anonymity afforded by the subjects having their backs to the camera lets the viewer imagine that this could be anyone, maybe them with their own son." In the Oct. 9 photo, daylight fades as Rick Cotton, 43, of Bushnell sits atop his truck with his son Joey Cotton, 11, at the Joy-Lan Drive-In movie theater in Dade City.


"I picked this as my favorite picture of the year purely for the color and tranquilness. Getting a massage puts me in a dreamlike state, which is what I was trying to get across to the reader. It takes me there." In the Jan. 15 photo, Rebecca Lieberman, 29, gives Marilee Musselman, 52, a deep tissue massage at Richey Racquet fitness gym in Port Richey as therapy for her sciatic nerve pain.


"What a beautiful moment as Madison Santucci carries her little baton while waiting to take the field. I could feel her excitement as she paced down the hall." In the Oct. 29 photo, Madison was a "baby majorette" with the Zephyrhills High School marching band before a football game.


"For me, this photo is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices that our military personnel and their families endure. It's a true reminder of the ultimate price of the freedoms we enjoy, and how often we take them for granted." In the Oct. 27 photo, David Smith, center, is comforted by his mother, Birjit Smith, left, and sister Jessica as he holds the flag his family was presented during a ceremony renaming the Holiday Post Office for his father, Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith. Smith died in Iraq in April 2003.