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Affiliation wasn't issue in Bush's recent visit

Several residents of Pasco County and a couple of public officials have written or stated that a plaque should not be placed at Sims Park to honor the president's recent visit.

They say the general public was not allowed to attend and only Republicans were invited to the event.

Both of these assumptions are incorrect. It is true that tickets to the event were obtained through the three Republican offices in Pasco County. This was done to limit the number of people attending the event to about 6,000 because this is all the area in Sims Park would hold. The Republican Party stated in both of the area newspapers that people who would like to attend the event could pick up tickets at these offices first come, first served.

I was in the office in Green Key Plaza on U.S. 19 the day this was published in the paper. The line extended from our office on the second floor out to the street. Each person was allowed as many as four tickets for the event. We did not ask nor did we check the party affiliation of any person who requested tickets. Republicans, Democrats and Independents all had an equal opportunity to attend this event.

I think the real issue these people have is accepting the fact that the president won Pasco County by more than 18,000 votes.

Gary Willner, Trinity

Visit for personal gain, no

matter who, merits no honor

I'm a Pasco resident and think a campaign visit should not and does not merit a plaque giving honor to that person no matter who that person may be. It saddens me to think that there may be certain local groups campaigning for that plaque for their own personal gain.

What a one-two punch that would be to our troops and their families. To honor another person showing up for personal gain when much more can be done with that time and money should not even be a consideration. Those of you who would have the power to change this bad idea into something good, I urge you to please rethink this and do the right thing.

Marguerite Pugliese, New Port Richey

Presidential bust would let

pigeons "retaliate in kind'

While this effort appears to be a solid civic endeavor, may I suggest a more appropriate idea: A bust of President Bush in Sims Park would permit the pigeons to retaliate in kind for what he has done to this once great nation.

Matthew A. Biss, Port Richey

Cable competition could

lower Pasco subscriber costs

In Pinellas County, basic cable, by Bright House Networks, is more than $10 cheaper than in Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. Why? Because Pinellas Bright House competes with another cable company named Knology Inc.

My question to the Pasco County commissioners: Why does Bright House have exclusive rights in the county? If it doesn't, then why doesn't the County Commission take bids from competitors? Surely Bright House isn't the only player in the game.

Other competitors should have been encouraged to come to Pasco some 20 years ago. I can remember the day when a salesman for the first cable franchise came to my door in Parkwood Acres pitching his sales speech. The cost: $12 a month! With Cinemax, HBO or Showtime thrown in for free! At the snap of a finger, my house was wired for cable and ready to go. Now three or four companies and 25 years later, basic cable is more than $40.

Ralph Annan, Hudson

New retiree finds drivers'

habits rather problematic

I recently retired full time to Florida. Some of the things I have noticed about some drivers since my retirement: People do not observe stop signs or stop lights. People make a stop where there is none and create a traffic problem. People have handicap tags who do not need them.

People drive around with expired license plates. Drivers do not yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. People have tinted windows so dark that no one can see in. People do not use directional signals.

Others think the world wants to hear their cell phone conversations or think the no-smoking ban in public buildings means you can stand at the entrance and inconvenience everyone else trying to go in or out of the building.

I would like to live long enough to enjoy my retirement, thank you.

Barbara Tharp, Hudson